About Us

Netro Technologies Zimbabwe is an electronics, automation, robotics and programming company, founded in June 2017. The focus of the business is to support students, experts and newbies with the necessary resources and skills for them to excel in their electronics, robotics, engineering or computer science projects

What do we do?

Netro Electronics supplies electronic and robotics components such as Arduino and Rasberry-Pi at very affordable prices. These components give students in different technological and non-technological fields the possibility to merge their programming (software) and electronics (hardware) skills to build practical solutions to society problems. Other main services include project support and tutorials. Netro Electronics also works with other start-ups to develop customized and automated systems. The company is also working on a program to engage primary and secondary school students with technology.


This programme, which will be launched in February 2018 in Zimbabwe and Ghana is known as Kidz In Tech Global. For this program, Netro is in partnership with Brand Reality Media , a rising media company in Zimbabwe. Netro delivers products to customers throughout Zimbabwe via DHL carrier services between 24-48 hours at very low charges. The company also has agents throughout Zimbabwe. Agents are located in Harare (CBD), Bulawayo (CBD, NUST and Polytechnic), Gweru (MSU), Bindura (BUSE) and Chinhoyi (CUT).

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